Need Info. Adirondack kayak routes

Looking for anyone who has hands on knowledge of adirondack kayak routes. I am trying to plan a trip with friends in early june. We are looking to do a 2-3 day trip on a positive flow route. We are looking for some mild rapids during the route. One that i was considering was lower raquette but I am open to suggestion. E-mail me or send reply with a post. Any information would be much appreciated.


The Moose river is a nice trip. You also might try the Fulton Chain starting in Old Forge. It’s not much on current but is a nice challenge in a kayak. I went from Old Forge to Racquett last year. Look out for the wood walk way at the end of the Eighth Lake carry into Brown’s Track Inlet it’s under water.

Paddling in the ADK’s
I have been paddling in the ADKS most of my life. Most of our trips are canoe camping, so we tend to stay away from the white water, but just to offer a suggestion… The St. Regis canoe area is a paddlers paradise. You have to carry in, so its limited to canoers/kayakers. You do have to portage between ponds, but its worth it.

black flies
Have you been to the Adirondacks before? FYI, black flies are terrible in June. Most people will avoid the black fly season. I’m not 100% on the actual black fly season but I believe it is in late May to the middle of June. You might want to research it, they can make your trip miserable.

The best time
to go camping in the dacks is first week to mid August there are few bugs and the blueberries are ripe

Check this link

This site is dedicated to the ADK’s and frequented by many who are itimate with the area.

Happy Paddlin’


Agree with Moose and St. Regis
The Moose River has everything from flatwater to class 5 and its long!

St Regis is prime NYS wilderness. Plenty of info available via a Google search, too much to type!

paradise trip!
The Bog River Flow is a great trip.There is one portage that you can wheel over and that is a very short drag over a bog.Stay to the left side.No fast water but a very scenic 16 miles.Head for Grass Pond for some great mountain scenery and bass fishing!