Need info for Angelina R. (Tx.) shuttle

I’m thinking about paddling from the Sam Rayburn Dam to Bevilport. Will camp one night on the river. Can we leave our vehicles parked at the dam and at the Bevilport ramp and is it safe? Or is there anyone in the area that can do a shuttle for us? Any ideas, info, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Roadtrip

Last time
Last time I paddled the Angelina (2005) the put in below the Sam Rayburn Dam was closed (as have been many other dam area due to security changes after 9 /11).

However, if it is open now, I wouldn’t hesitate to leave my vehicle there. I have left my vehicle at Bevil Port and at the Hwy 63 put in before and didn’t worry about it. Anything is possible, but I felt comfortable with the area.

I don’t know of any outfitters there, but I’d go by the park office at either Sam Rayburn SP or Martin Dies SP and ask if one of the employees or volunteers wanted to make an extra $20 for helping me shuttle. I believe the ranger at Martin Dies SP told me the camp host in their park would do that.

The Angelina is a pleasant river. Check to be sure the boat ramp at Bevil Port has reopened…there may have been a closure after Hurricane Rita swooped through. There was a lot of damage in that area, especially at Martin Dies State Park.

I’d love to hear a report if you go. I haven’t been there in a while.


I’d love to get a report too–that’s a float I’ve been wanting to do. Might do a day float out there in early December. For shuttle, you might try eastex- or piney woods outfitters- . Neither specifically mentions doing shuttles on the Angelina, but they are both fairly close by.

I really appreciate the helpful replies. This will be my first East Texas River, if you don’t count the Trinity. I usually canoe the Hill Country, but I need more relaxing paddletrips. It may be December or even January before I go. I’ll post a report and take lots of pictures.

Fixing to go
Fixing to call Martin Dies, Jr. state park and see about a shuttle. Gonna try to go next Saturday thru Monday. Hope the weather holds up…

Just got back
Paddled from the Hwy. 63 bridge down to Martin Dies, Jr. state park. Camped two nights on the river and one in the park. Great scenery, even in the middle of winter. I’ll post a trip report and some pictures in a day or two. Cheers.

How did you handle the shuttle?
Also, did you use the Corps of Engineers designated campsites while on the Angelina? There is no charge to use them, but you’re supposed to make reservations, and I’ve always wondered if anyone actually did that.

I took your advice
I called Martin Dies, Jr. State Park, asked if she knew anyone who would do a shuttle, she asked the park host, and Voila! It was arranged.

I did camp at a Corp of Engineers campsite on the second nite. I looked up their number last week by googling “Corp of Engineers Town Bluff Dam”. Then I called and talked to Kerry. Made a reservation over the phone, he faxed it to me at work. Its a good idea to find out ahead of time exactly where along the river the sites are, so you can plan your daily river mileage.

Quite a few people use those sites. Lots of hunters this time of year.

I’m really glad I went. Great place. Now for the Neches, Village Creek, and the Sabine.

Trip report posted
Trip report posted.


I thoroughly enjoyed your trip report. A very descriptive travel essay. Having been there, I could picture each and every feature you described. Not only did you do an excellent job with accuracy of the details, but you wrote it so beautifully. I’m glad you had such a good time.

Interesting note about Bevil Port. You mention that it was once a thriving steamboat port. That is so difficult to imagine once one has seen the location, which as you say is basically a boat ramp, historical marker, and a few nearby homes. I have a DVD on the history of the Big Thicket area from the early days to the mid 1940’s…and there is a section on Bevil Port. Without the photos to prove it, I would have a hard time believing what an important–and thriving–town it once was.

Thanks for the trip report. Very enjoyable.


Thanks for a great, in-depth report. Sounds like a great float, I look forward to doing it myself some day soon. Reports like this are such a great resource when planning trips.

Thank you!
Thank you for a superb trip report!

Thank yall
Glad yall enjoyed the report. Your comments are very uplifting and appreciated. I encourage everyone to make trip reports. If we can’t be canoeing we can at least read about canoeing.