Need info on Bioluminescence tours in Florida

Towards the end of September, I’m going to be in Jacksonville for a few days. I will have my kayak with me. After spending time with family, I am going to take a few more days. I am wondering if it will still be good for bioluminescent paddling and how far south I will have to drive. Also, are the turtle watches going to be over at that point?

Hopefully, someone else will chime in with ‘Tour’ info, but, the better (colorful) bioluminescence is south of here (Jax) a few hours - Mosq. Lagoon and areas south.
Don’t think there are any local ‘biol. tours’, but you can see them in just about any inlet (Nassau sound, St Marys Entrance, Fort George Inlet) or in the ocean. NOTE: know the area before going into it, all inlets are dangerous in certain (eg tide) conditions.
Will also encounter sea turtles near the inlets.
Don’t know the names (species), but, the ones I’ve seen near the inlets (particularly Nassau Sound) are big.
I often see a smaller species near the jettys (St Johns river).

Turtle nesting in FL is winding down by late September but there might still be a few stragglers. Same with the bioluminescence but it has been pretty strong this year in the Indian River Lagoon as mentioned. That said, conditions can change quickly and it can disappear (or reappear) almost overnight. Even though you have your own boat it might be worth connecting with a local tour company as they will know the current conditions and where the brightest bioluminescence is. But all will be south of Jacksonville by a couple of hours.

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