Need info on Blackhawk canoe

Does anyone know the difference between the Blackhawk Combi 15.8 and the Blackhawk Shadow 15.8 (tandem)? I currently own a Combi and was wondering if the Shadow has similar/same hull and paddling characteristics? Thanks.

Blackhawk Combi…

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Curious ........ recently get the Combi in Wisconsin? White colored?

The Blackhawk Shadow 15.8 (SS Special) was designed as a solo canoe, or to put it the way the Blackhawk sales literature did; "sized to fit the individual".

The Blackhawk Combi 15.8 was designed as a "one canoe/many uses" canoe. Or to put it another way; it could be used as either solo, or tandem canoe.

Notice the difference in the specs on the boats.....and know that those specs are going to result in very different handling characteristics, although the boats are the same length.

Shadow hull width 31"
Combi 34"

Shadow gunwale width 30.25"
Combi 34"

Shadow Waterline width 27"
Combi 29.5

Shadow depth at center 13"
Combi 13.5"

Shadow bow height 20"
Combi 24"

Shadow stern height 15"
Combi 17.5

Shadow weight range(plus 70 lbs of gear)160-275 lbs
Combi 6" freeboard capacity 750 lbs

***A Shadow SS Special will run off & leave a Combi paddled solo(paddlers being equally skilled).***

Both were available in Blackhawk's silver & gold
Silver: A blend of E&S Glass cloth in 4 weights & weaves.
Gold: Kevlar fabric, by Dupont, and graphite for additional stiffness & strength.

*** Denotes my personal opinion.
All else is from a Blackhawk catalog.

I own a Shadow SS Special.

I'll give you 2 hundred for that old Combi barge; would hate for you to get embarassed, paddling it in public.

Just kiddin'! If that's the same boat I think it is, and I had been closer to might be mine instead of yours.


Need info on Blackhawk canoe
Thanks for the good information Bob. From the specs you give it is apparent that the Shadow and Combi are very different boats. You will be glad to know that this is not the white Combi you had your eyes on. This one is green and I purchased it a couple of years ago here in Northern Michigan. I am extremely pleased with the canoe and wouldn’t mind having another one. The initial stability is a little lively compared to some canoes, however, the secondary stability is rock solid. I have never felt uncomfortable with the handling of this canoe. You are probably right about me not keeping up with your Shadow, but it flies past most canoes on the river!. Thanks again. Kevin.