Need info on Boardman River

I haven’t paddled the Boardman since the removal of Brown Bridge Dam. Can anyone tell me how it has affected the river above it? Any rapids, sand/silt bars that weren’t there before? I am going from the Forks to the former dam site with a group soon.


Link with some info

Including this note:

“the river is in a state of change, including the rapids. I believe Keystone Rapids are rated Class I-II & stretch about 1/2 - 3/4 mile, but there are also newly formed rapids in several other areas and the river is stretching her banks as she adjusts to the new flow. The river we know has new surprises, so be prepared and heed any posted warnings.”

Rapids on the Boardman
You’ll likely find the re-born stretch a little faster than the upper Boardman used to be, but no real rapids or sand bars. The Keystone Rapids are several miles down-river from the take out at Brown Bridge Landing, where you’ll be exiting. The landing itself is unchanged, but the area has some improvements (port-a-potty, more parking, etc).

Parking at Forks is disorganized & limited, so it’s best to get on the river as early as possible. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks for Boardman info
I’ll be doing it tomorrow with 6 others in canoes and kayaks during the ninety degree forecast. Am familiar with the Forks chaos. I took a look at the former dam site takeout last fall. Haven’t been thru Keystone since the change, last time was with a short aluminum canoe and had a good run. I may bring my royalex next time to make that run.

have fun and please

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provide a report!

We've been watching the dam removal project and the changes to the river, it's related to my work. It's a project with great objectives and sets a bar here in the midwest. From what I have heard, most of the changes to the Brown Bridge dam area had occurred by last fall. Some day I want to paddle the length from Forks to the bay.

I don't think removal of the Cass St dam will change anything that far upstream but it should provide some more swiftwater opportunities.