Need info on Evergreen Triton

Anyone paddle this boat, what did you think?


I had an Evergreen Sequel, it that close

Sequel is a canoe, Triton is a sea kayak

I just bought one this year as my first kayak and so far love it. I have paddled a Tempest 170, 165, Force 4, Currituk and CD GulfStream for comparison. The Trident is faster than all but maybe the Force. It fit’s me the best out any bost I tried (195lbs, 6 Ft) and I find it relatively smaller volume than all the above except the T165 which was too small for me.

It is a bit tracky and requires a good lean to turn it but does come around nicely on edge. Not quite as manuverable as the Force though. It is fun and easy to edge in most conditions as the secondary is great. It goes straight in wind and hardly ever needs the skeg.

I have not had much experience yet in rough water with this boat yet so the jury is still out. I did broach and flip once in some surf but I usually do that anyway in all the other boats I have tried.

Not the best for rock gardening type stuff and am still a little unsure about it’s behavior in a following sea but I think I just need to work on my skills.