Need info on Nature Bound brand canoes


Does anyone know anything about Nature Bound canoes? Are they like a Pelican or Coleman or better? Thanks for any info. Karen

Nature Bound
Was located in Fitchburg Ma. back in the 80’s. They made a line of entry level boats along with some that were above entry level. IMHO they were a step above Coleman and Pelican but then I worked part time for them on and off over the years. They had a line of chopped glass boats as well as hand laided up. They also bought Mohawk hulls in royalex and finished them off themselfs.

Reguardless of what people may have thought of them they sold a bunch of boats thru out N.E. in that time frame. I still see them around all the time.

Info on Nature Bound canoes
Thanks for the info.

I still have one I like a lot
Can’t remember the model name, but 16 foot, fairly narrow and sleek, round-bottomed, fast. Not light, but not too heavy. I think it was a bargain.

Was a round bottomed 16 footer.

Hi Bill, I own two Nature Bound Canoes one is 16 footer that green grass streak coating, That I bought new in Fitchburg back in 87 I don’t know the model and I am trying to find out. The other is one that I acquired the other day, it is an angler 14 ft. Blue in color the initials on the on the manufactures plate says built by BD this was built in Winchendon back when Don Taylor was working there. I have to match the blue gelcoat on the repair that I have make. Any Idea what that color code was called. I also have to get new seats and will contact Porter in Patten, Maine for them. One rub rail needs get replaced, That will be Hamilton Marine. The other thing I am looking for is the black pop rivets. Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.