need info on poling/canoe

hi all.

ok here it goes.

i want to do more poling in a canoes.

what would be the best canoe to do so.

220pound ,man here.

all canoes can do the job but some are better at it.

so what model/lenght would be the best to do so…???

ok it get worst…hahaha

if i want to do a bit off freestyle wit my canoe.

what is the best for this porpuse to.

and is there a model that could do both…?

if not the best for off eatch porpuse is apprecieted.

thanks guys/gals.


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The only boat I can imagine doing freestyle and poling in would be a Placid Boatworks Starfire.
That will be big for solo freestyle and tender for poling.
If you pole the sorts of places I do it will get pretty scarred up in a hurry too.

I briefly tried some freestyle in one of those and liked it. Never tried poling it but I think I'd like it for that as well.

Possibly Ed Hayden's Souhegan? That boat is designed for poling. It turns nicely. Dunno how it would be as a freestyler but maybe? Length: 15'4" Width: 32" Depth: 15" Weight: 35 lbs. 3" Rocker.

For just poling you'd do pretty well in an Old Town Appilacian or one of the many Prospectors in Royalex.

Good Luck,

Agree with you, Tommy, on all those
points. If there is a good compromise boat, it might be the Starfire, but it will be big for freestyle, even at my weight and reach, and small for poling.