need info. on thimble is. conn.

My buddy and I are thinking of kayaking there this weekend. I was hoping if some locals could give me some info on places to launch or places to avoid.

This would be a day trip only. Thanks.


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There's a boat ramp in Stony Creek.

Don't launch from the swimming beach.

Thimble Islands? has a bulletin board to ask this of folks who are very familiar with the area. A wind from the SW can make the area pretty rough. Some of the residents on the islands (privately owned) don’t seem to like kayakers at all. Then the usual boat traffic to watch out for.

Thimble Islands
I used to live in Madison, CT which is two towns over from Branford. You should also check out Faulkner Island off of Guilford (the town in between Branford and Madison), b/c you can launch at the Guilford Marina and kayak out to Faulkner Island which is a wildlife refuge.

When I lived there I hadn’t yet taken up kayaking, I used to set sail from Madison on a small Sunfish sailboat and go to both destinations. I never had a problem w/ the surf or the residents of the island. But you never know maybe Gary Trudeau will come out and yell at you. Also, I did see a post on this very message board about a week or so ago, about a kayaker needing to be rescued by the Coast Guard out there recently.

There are also some nice spots out in Clinton/Old Saybrook to launch from.

thimble is.
Thanks for the replys. It shows what’s great about this site. People taking the time to care.

You can land on Outer Island
When you get to Outer Island, look for the Green open flag. If it’s out you can land. There’s a toilet and it’s a nice spot for lunch. It’s maned by the Friends Group that volunteers to run it. It’s usually open all summer and more.

Heading North towards Guilford also has some interesting rocky shore areas and interesting coves and check out Sachems Head Harbor too.

When I lived in Madison
I launched from the East River Boat launch…from there it was about seven miles to Outer Island.

I liked that experience better than dodging boats from Stony Creek …some boats were not moving and some were…it was so packed sometimes it was hard to tell which were underway and which not.

Plus no parking hassles at all. One caveat; if the tide is running very high the parking lot may flood.