Need info. - Wabash Valley Merlin

I have the opportunity to pick up a used Wabash Valley Merlin.

My research indicates that this was Ted Bell’s prior company and that this model may be an ancestor of the Merlin II?

Does anyone know the years of original production?

original specifications?

experience with this boat?

Thanks very much.

I think
that this is the same boat.

The story I’ve heard here and on other sites is that the current Bell Merlin II is a very different canoe.


I did see the Northwest Canoe specs
but I was hoping that someone may have some experience with this boat.

How well does the kevlar stand up after nearly 20 years?

Merlin from
north west canoe is slightly different. First off it is 15’6" . Since it is a set of plans each one will be have different idiosycrancies(sp?) Some of the hull widths and deplths are compareable though. I built a Merlin and enjoy it. I did one thing which probobly would annoy Al at the Northwest canoe shop. I put in a sliding seat from wenonah. Makes a lot of difference in the winds on big lakes. I have not used agps enough to decide how she wants to run though. Pushing her for all I am worth I can only get her up to 4.9 mph. I can not comment on the Bell or wabash boats as I have never paddled them or against them