Need Kayag Suggestions- Adult+Child

Hi- I’m a beginning kayaker looking to buy my first kayak. After just a little research, I was leaning towards to Bilbao by Bic, but I 1)obviously need to research a bit more and 2)am having trouble finding a retailer anywhere nearby.

I would love any suggestions you might have for a kayak that would meet these criteria:

  1. Must be able to hold an adult female and a small child (as a passenger, not a paddler.)
  2. Must be pretty light, as my husband will not likely be going with us most days to take it off the car.
  3. Must be inexpensive, because I only have about $1000 budgeted for the whole shebang, including my paddle, PFD and a car carrier. (DD already has a PFD.)

    I like the few reviews that I have found for the Bilbao, and will be calling around to see if anyone has them (the retailers listed, that is) but I would also like to look into other options. I have looked at the Ocean Sidekick, also. It may be a feasible option.


A possibility
I have a old Peception Keowee that was made just for carrying a small non paddling child.

They are 9’-5" long, very wide and they have a seat directly in front of the paddlers seat. I think it is about 39 pounds

They don’t make the Keoweee any more. It was replaced by the Swifty and then the Sparky and I don’t know if they have the second seat, but it would be worth checking.

They used to be the most inexpensive boat on the market.

It does not track good, but for getting out on the water with the little one it would be fine.

Why not go on the “Classified Ads” section here and ask if any one has one.

good luck,



Old Town - Voyager or Loon
I had the very same request about a month ago and ended up buying the Old Town - Loon 111. It is 39 lbs and has a long cockpit that provides room for me and my 4 year old. Assuming you are only planning on going on flat-water, the Old Town Voyager would work too! It is the exact same kayak, but has one layer instead of 3. As long as you don’t plan on running class III rapids, it should work fine and is a great buy at about $450.

Backpacker Magazine
…mentioned and pictured a suitable Old Town kayak, however, at 60lbs, it would be too heavy for me to cartop. I use a FeelFree Gemini SOT for myself and my son. I wanted a Seda Amigo, but the salesperson talked me out of it and into Pamlico 165, which turned out to be too heavy and I traded it in.

Second the Voyager recommendation

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The Loon 111 is actually discontinued but you might be able to still find one. The Loon 120 has stiffer /sturdier plastic and a dry hatch, but is heavier than the Voyager, which is the old Loon 111 made in single layer polyethelene. The Voyager also has an adjustable seat, and I've seen it for as little as $400 new. If you go with the Voyager, I'd get some kind of flotation to stuff in the bow and stern. Float bags are ideal, but a cheaper option is Wal-Mart Dry bags stuffed with cut up pool noodles.

It only wieghs 45 lbs.