need kayak for a big guy

Touring kayak recommendations, poly, used if possible.

for New England - lake or rive rpaddling, ocean bays, mostly will be used for light camping or day touring.

Prefer something in the 12-16 foot range, 24 inches wide or a little less, must track decently.

For a paddler, 6’5", 34 inch inseam (IE he will NOT fit into my ClearWater Designs St. Lawrence) about 225 lbs.


Val in CT (and let me know if you have something that might be a good match for sale withing trailering distance)

Some ideas
Necky Eskia 16ft- Charles River Canoe and Kayak has a new one on sale right now.

Wilderness Systems Tsunamis- 2 sizes 14-14.5 ft, might be tough to find used.

If you can go a little bigger try these: Perception Eclipse 17.

Current Designs Storm 17ft. I have this boat. I am shorter but stouter. I had a friend try it who is about your husbands size and he was comfy in it. He paddles a Gulfstream and it is a bit too snug. I paddle in the boston area. Rivers, Lakes Ocean and even tidal creeks. Turns pretty well.

Necky Zoar Sport.

Thanks for the assumption that he’s my husband. Interesting thought, but nope.

Val, quite single…in CT

Sorry for the assumption.
I meant to go back and verify. I hope I didn’t start something. LOL.

2nd giggle
Oh, he’s definitely my boyfriend, but we’re not planning to have him move in (at this time). Although the kayak will live in my barn along with the others.

Our daughters are pegged as sisters all the time - despite no parents in common.


he might not be for long if you screw up this assignment (finding him the right boat).

PS: any gal with a barn sounds like she would be worth courting!

Val- consider looking at some of the
Prijons. They have lots of room and are easy and fun to paddle.

Prijon Kodiak, specifically.

What a LUCKY Guy! :slight_smile:
WOW, what a lucky guy to have his “Lady” wanting to buy a kayak for “HIM”,… WOW!

If I could have been so lucky! :slight_smile:

If you can find an Old Town, Adventure XL-139, take a look at it. It is 13’-9" long, and a little wider than you mentioned, but it has a comfortable seat, and front and rear bulkheads & hatches for dry storage. I weigh 270, and I had one at one time. When I went to a composite kayak, my wife paddled it for a summer, then she wanted something smaller to fit her size.

It was a fun boat,and handled well. The dry storage would be great for hauling gear!

LUCKY GUY! WOW! :slight_smile:

2nd the Zoar Sport
The Necky Zoar Sport is my winter boat. I can get my 6’4" and 220# into it with winter fleece and mukluks and room to spare.

I am almost exactly the same size, and
I fit into a Necky Looksha Sport. I did have to window the sides of the seat for my wide-set hip sockets, but I’d bet yours aren’t as wide. You could look for a Looksha IV for more open water.

Since no one else has mentioned …
I will. Take a look at Wes Boyd’s site:

He has some ideas and comments on boats for larger folks.


My father owns an Old Town Adventure XL
and loves it. It does indeed have a nice set of hatches, and a seat that is like a plastic recliner, very comfy indeed. He is 5’11" and about 225lbs. It is a thought, but is really a rec kayak, as it is hard to practice torso rotation paddling and such inside such a high seatback. But if your new beau is serious about sloshing around with you at Perkins Cove, he may need a Kodiak (like Renata Chlumska

Yep, Wes Boyd’s place for big guy and
gal to get good info.



Two that fit well
I’m about the same size and fit very well in my Wilderness Systems Sealution XL (which I bought used in Norwalk CT). I also built the Pygmy Artic Tern High which is a mod to the Artic Tern specifically for large paddlers. Both are nice paddling boats ideal for large people.

Queen Charlotte XL
also from pygmy accommodates big folks.

fits my size 12 feet well too.

I expandd the cockpit a little on mine to make up for my stiff back.

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