Need Longer Touring Board

So I’ve been commuting to work via SUP and river, been cold water paddling, have done overnighters and a lot of fitness lake-circumnavigation. The 12’ 6" Boardworks Surf Raven has been a great board. I am needing to get past it’s limitations. I can’t seem to find a whole lot of info on longer touring boards. Does anyone have any info or can you share a few links for builders and sellers of longer touring boards? I’m looking for something in the 17 to 21’ range that can hold a large volume. I’m 230, the dog is 60 and I’m thinking around 100 lbs of gear. I’m looking for a river barge, not a long missile. I don’t need it to be the fastest barge board on the planet. I’m not out to race it, I’m out to cover 100+ miles on a deep, docile river or large lake or ocean while having all the gear I need for a week long excursion. Does anyone here have a SUP over 14’?

fishing sup’s
There are meny new fishing SUP’s coming on the market for 2013. They sound like excatly what you are looking for. They are designed for stability and carrying capacity. Many have hatches and tons of deck storage.