need new backband

The backband in my WS zephyr is not that comfortable after an hour or so. Any after market replacements that are easy to install? I live in florida, not expecting to need emergency re entry to prevent hypothermia. Thx, John

“The bride” likes her Snap Dragon one
better then the I.R.

Jack L

Try removing it
Or try making it as loose as possible so you only tough it when you lean way back to rest or stretch.

I know it’s somehow counter-intuitive, but if the backband is bothering you, try removing it. You might be surprised.

Immersion Research
I found someone that has a surplus of IR “Reggie” backbands with the ratcheting straps, for about half price of new. email me if you want his contact info

…if you can go without back support you might try loosening it up. The backbands on my Tempest and Zephyr both hang so loose that they are down close to my butt not providing any support at all. If I need something to lean against I can move it up and lean back but that hinders my paddling.

Just a thought.

+1 loose
I have mine just tight enough that if I lay back all the way onto the back deck it saves my back from the combing digging in too much.

Emergency re-entry
"I live in florida, not expecting to need emergency re entry to prevent hypothermia. Thx, John"

Hypothermia isn’t the only reason you may need to do a re-entry. You may need it to get back in your boat. Since you can get hypothermia in any water less than 20F below your body temp, you may want to be able to do that. Granted, it might take a while in 75F water, but you could conceivably find yourself beyond swimming distance of shore.

Consider Foam Block
I removed all of the bands from my boats and replaced them with a foam blocks. I find them more comfortable and easier to re-entry. They don’t move from their position and provide exelent support. I am sure there are many here in the message board that can coach you on how to make your own. I would gladly send you pictures of the three I have made. I went through a period of trying to find the “comfort zone” with my back band and once I tried the foam block I was happy. Make that delighted!

foam blocks in my boats.


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If you don't opt for foam as everyone says you should, the Snapdragon back band with rigid plastic is nice. The rigid but rotating mount helps it stay out of the way better than ones mounted with webbing.

It's this one:
But you don't need to drill through the coaming! It mounts in holes in the seat risers - you can add a little bungee to help hold it up in place.

o thats the part of my seat
that hurts my back maybe i should remove it