Need new boat

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I have a relative that already owns a 10' play boat, but now is looking for a longer kayak to facilitate longer trips on large lakes, BWCA, Yosemite, and the like. He is a short, stocky guy, probably about 5'6" 250 lbs. Not looking to spend a lot of money, so fiberglass is out of the question. I gave him the idea of a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145, or an Old Towne Cayuga 160. He's leaning toward to Old Towne. Any suggestions. Trying to keep price as low as possible.

Go to Dick’s and get the original Pungo.
It is called something else.For his weight , I wopuld recommend at least 14’. I weigh 235 and if I paddle a Pungo hard, it tends to bog down.

Expensive vs Used
Don’t rule out fiberglass just check out any used boats in your area. I found a used fiberglass Solstice CD that was only a couple of states away from my location and got it for a steal. My first kayak, I found on the classified ads right on this site. I’ve found that for the money, if you do your homework and research the used boat then go see it, if it’s in resonable shape, used is a very good bargin.

two great sugestions already
I loved my Pungo (at the time the Victory Navigator, then the Classic 12 from Dick’s). And of course the classified on here get great boats at great prices. Plus you keep your money in the P.Net family.

If he is already in a 10 foot then a a 14 should be the lap of luxury. I would feel that aiming to increase the volume of the boat would be a large consideration. Not for his size, but the options of what to do with all that space. That is what I loved about my Pungo. I knew the efficency was not an elite race boat, but I could put in anything I wanted and feel comfortable. I look at Cuyugas and the like and know they hold alot of stuff, but big, open designs let you just toss in whatever without really needing to plan.

Then again I am just some guy from the internet voicing my limited experience and my personal preferences. well if that were totaly true I would say forget all the kayaks and get a Wildfire.

Well good luck and keep us informed about the choices.


I’m a huge Tsunami fan
I’m 5’ 11" and 250-275 pounds at any given time. The Tsunami is a great starter/skills building boat.

I paddled a 145 quite a bit this summer. Overall, I liked it.

I logged over 300 hours in a Tsunami125
between June and October 08 and another dozen or so hours in a Tsunami145. Great boat for transitioning. Carries a lot of stuff. Tracks very well and stable as a rock. 125 is a quicker boat. 145 paddles better with more weight in it.

Cayuga 160 or 146
If you can still find a cayuga 160 it should be fine, but i think they have been discontinued, i paddle a cayuga 146 and at 215 lbs it holds my weight well, but may feel kind of small to some people, i am more tall than stocky, so it fits me well. He should really sit in a dtry out anything before he buys it. If you are looking at old town the loon 138 isn’t a bad boat either, i have paddled a friend of mines loon while fishing and it’s suprisingly quick, though i like the tracking and feel of the cayuga alot better