Need new cart

I’m fed up with my Paddle Boy. The wheels are too small—won’t go over rough terrain. The entire contraption collapses on its side—becomes offcentered due to the shallow V. The whole thing sits too far back on the kayak, making it too heavy. I had to lug my kayak a half a mile today—not a success with the basic Paddle Boy.

What cart can I get that has larger wheels; holds its shape; and fits farther up toward the cockpit to make it lighter?

I got a good deal at Dick’s . . .
It is the same as name-brand models, but less expensive to begin with, and on sale. Works great; fits in our AT-14 hatches.

Kayak cart
I have one of the wide tire, low pressure tired carts.

Not sure of the name (EZ Roll?). It is great.

My fully loaded, 20’ tandem rolls easily over sand and other obstacles.

I had a narrow tired cart earlier, and it just would not work on a sand beach.

Agree with Angell - NM

Paddleboy Nemo
which is a center cart, works well for me.

Are you handy ?
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I have used this for both kayaks and canoes for the past four years, and it cost me $12 at a thrift shop and a little innovation.

It is a old baby jogger.

I cut the front wheel off, and stripped all the canvas and crap off it.

Added poolo noodles, and a few cam lock buckle straps, and you are good to go.

It is center balanced and you just need one finger on the stern of your boat to guide it.

It goes over rough terrain as well as sand very good.

I have used it for the past three years in the ADK 90 mile race which has several mile long portages.

If you can find one, e-mail me and I’ll lead you through the steps on how to retrofit it.



Make your own?
Or get a friend to make it for you? Some more ideas


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Larger, heavier cart. I had one for years. Then I started attaching it to the back deck of my kayak as I paddled, paddling nearly every day to work through the intracoastal waterway (saltwater). It held up for another 6 months, and the continual salt got the best of it. After some long weekend, I got to my spot to unfold the cart before work, and it had gotten stuck/rusted in the folded position where it was supposed to fold out. I used a board I saw lying on the ground to try to pry it apart, and I pryed the weld apart. After all the use I had gotten out of it, I decided to retire it.
So why would I still say anything good about this cart?
It has larger bicycle style tires. I was walking with the kayak the final mile to work, wheeling the kayak along with me for safe storage. I wrapped the supplied strap around the cart and around both sides of the coaming and snugged it up. The kayak was balanced on top, so no lifting, just balancing. With the cart's kickstand, it was all very trouble-free sitting the kayak on top and wrapping the single strap around and tightening. Then with the bicycle style tires, it was effortless to pull. Going downhill, I would hold it back a little, going uphill I would pull a little, just like you would expect on a bike. On the flat, as close to effortless as I can imagine it getting. As far as bumps and rocks and such, it bounces along over them like a bicycle tire.
Keep in mind, I was toting my kayak with me a full mile each way every day to and from work, so it was all about ease of transporting the kayak on a durable cart. The contraption not being small and lightweight were of much lesser consequence to me. Despite the faults of it being made of steel (eventual rust), large, and heavy, it still beats anything I've seen for serious kayak transport.

Is this the type of cart you had?

I bought this at an estate sale for $8!! I don’t know the brand, but it works better than anything I’ve ever used. It even held 2 kayaks strapped together (one on top of the other) on a very long off trail portage over rough terrain! It’s a little bulky, and won’t fit in a kayak hatch - probably designed more for a canoe.

has big soft tires that work great in sand, and the “kayak mini” cart fits into hatches wwhen wheels are removed. Easy to put wheels on and off and works great.

I’d recommend getting extra clip pins since they are easy to lose.

that looks like the same thing
bulky and a bit heavy in and of itself, but it sure makes easy work of transporting a kayak (or two in your case).

Me’reckon’s de original wuz called…
a Canadian Boatwalker - which be wat ah’ have used fer many years (ah’ rarely use a cart). Very stout indeed… Carried a big ol’ Tripper wit a full load an’ another canoe on top of dat. Recently dem Chineeze folks make a knock-off dat sells fer under 100 bucks.


Try Paddleboy’s Fat Boy
Works on just about any kayak or canoe. It’s an end cart, but wide enough that it goes up in front of the rear hatch and hooks to the seat with an integral bungee & hook.

The tires are inflatable, bigger & wider than the original Paddleboy’s, but small enough to fit in a hatch (bike tires won’t).

A note of caution: if you use ANYTHING around salt water, rinse it with fresh water every time you use it. Then it won’t corrode and fall apart.

Another make your own design
Freya Hoffmeister started using this design and used to sell them, but it looks easy to copy.