Need New Gunwales

My old Mansfield 16’ “Prospector” is in need of new gunwales & decks.

Any thoughts on, or sources for, pre-milled gunwales?

How’s this for thinking outside the box

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I called the company that seems to make all the used by gas stations to measure the fuel in their tanks (the Bagby Gage Stick Company). They come in lengths up to 20 feet and are fairly inexpensive too.

But after talking to the owner, it doesn't seem like they'd work very well. He said they are a tropical hardwood, which sounded interesting. But then he said they are not very resistant to rot and don't have very good tensile strength. He said if you use them for tomato stakes, you can pretty much knock them over at the end of the season as they are rotted off.

Oh well ... it didn't hurt to ask.

don’t know where you live

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click on "paddles and seats" and go to bottom of page.

This Has Possibilites
I’m in Northern New York…and have wanted to take a trip to Maine for quite some time. Trouble is, I can’t get past the Adirondacks before the boat is in the water & I’m paddling off into some black fly infested location.

However…I work with a person from Maine who travels there on a fairly regular basis.

As I said…this has possibilities!

But I’m still looking for ideas.

self addressed stamped envelope…
twenty feet long!!!

Perfect! LOL
I was going with UPS, but their delivery truck is only 18 feet long and lacks roof racks.

Wooden Rails
85 % of the canoe industry buys rails friom Essex Industries or Ed’s Canoe. One of them probably made the original rails for your boat.

Call and ask; Ed’s is 802.334.5130, Essex is 518.942.6671, bothy have websites.