Need new kayak seat

I just finished the MR340 and all went well - except for some severe lower back pain. Other than core strength training (which I’ve been working on for months now) the only other solution I can figure is a different seat for the kayak. I have an NC17 that I’m very happy with, other than the seat!

Unfortunately, Shreveport, LA isn’t a hotbead of kayaking so I don’t have any place I can go to look at my options, and haven’t even seen any kayaks other than the short white-water variety around here.

Any suggestions? I’d like to do more of these long distance events but need to be more comfortable sitting in the boat for hours and hours.

Thanks in advance,


i know the feeling…
Im very pleased with the seat in the new valley pintail. it gives very good support in the lower back.

im better in my back after about a week of ownership…

it might work for you as well…

The usual suspects
The replacement seats for long time use that get mentioned the most seem to be:

ONNO glass seat with articulated back

Bumfortable squishy foam seat

Redfish custom minicell seat

It’s going to be hard to tell ahead of time which one would work better for you. I like my Bumfortable, but it’s not for everyone - some prefer a slippery glass surface to aid torso rotation. The ONNO seat looks very good.

The Replacements
I asked recently and got several responses, but ended up ordering the Valley since it’s going in one of their boats. Chesapeake Light Craft has one that’s pretty similar for less money (may actually be the same thing).

With one like this, I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do with a back rest since mine’s attached to the seat I’ll be removing. I’ll probably try a closed-cell foam block. Something to take into consideration…

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my favorite
I really like this simple foam seat.

It’s the old Valley seat. Now they are selling the same thing but with a nylon fabric adhered to the foam surface, which wears slightly better.

I’ve got the foam one in my boat, and my wife has the new Valley seat in hers. Mine has held up perfectly fine, but does have a couple little punctures where I’ve jabbed it with something here or there. Last I checked, the nylon-covered seat from GRO costs about $80, and the one linked above is $40.

What are your requirements?
Is weight a factor?



Backband or backrest?


Try stretching, especially to loosen
your hamstrings and gastroc thoroughly. Your stomach muscles will have been getting toned up from paddling, but the soreness in your back may be from tightness in your legs.

Necky Touring Seat Pad
Has anyone tried this seat as a replacement? I’m thinking of trying one in my Explorer.