Need opinions on a Necky kayak

I saw a Necky Santa Cruz and thought it might make a good river and lake boat? Length is 12’ and not sure of width, but looks to be 27-28". Anyone have experience with this kayak? I’m 6-2, 215, so would weight be a problem? My main use for the boat is recreational day trips on various river (nothing above Class II), lakes, and possibly protected ocean bays and I usually haul a slr camera so stability is important. If not a suitable kayak, anything in the 12-13’ range I should be looking at? Thanks in advance.

Necky Santa Cruz
I haave a Necky Santa Cruz and use it on lakes as well on large rivers (Mississippi) and small rivers and creeks of S.E. Minnesota. It tracks very well on lakes and is quick in tight turns on the small creeks. Of the 3 kayaks I have the Santa Cruz is my all around favorite.

Davel, how does this
kayak handle wind and waves on a lake? Much water coming over the bow? I like the rocker on this boat and think it may serve my needs well. Seems Necky does not make it any longer and curious to know the last year of mfg.

Thanks for your info.

Rides the waves
The Santa Cruz handles waves very well, the bow doesn’t punch through the waves (like my Pirjon) and seldom do I get any water over the bow.

Thanks again…I do
like the lines on this boat. I called Necky (excellent customer service) and the rep (obvious paddler) said it was last manufactured in 2005 and if purchased from any dealer, it still carries a 3 year warranty regardless of mfg. date. Nice. He did say that they are working on a similar design as it was very popular.Now where is my darn “stimulus” check??