need paddle advice for beginner

I am a beginning sit-on-top kayaker and just bought my first yak. (Ocean Kayak’s Venus 11) I have not bought my paddle yet and I was wondering if someone out there could recommend a good one. I will mostly be yaking in slow moving rivers and lakes. If someone could recommend a paddle (one that is fairly inexpensive and easy to find), I would greatly appreciate it!

$10 + shipping & it’s yours.
I’ve a Carlisle (I think) alum. w/plastic sleeve shafted plastic bladed paddle that has been kicking around my boathouse for too long. I think it’s a 230cm, been that long since I put it together. It’s rugged, hence it’s heavy, symetrically bladed paddle.

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Entry paddle
Fox has a fine wooden stick for about $ 110.

Just for scale, the very best carbon double paddles azre creeping over $400.

Good inexpesive paddles
The Bending Branches Whisper Dream(about $60.00) and Aquabound Manta Ray(about $92-95.00 w/aluminum shaft and ABX blades) are very good, well made paddles for the price.


I know a lot of outfitters use…
Harmony “Estuary” paddles…aluminum with a vinyl skin shaft & PVC tips…for about $40. or so, these are much better than the crap Dick’s & LL Bean type stores sell and will take a beating.

2nd the Aquabound
Pretty good quality for the price, even with a break-apart feature…a little heavy, but that’s no big deal unless you plan to paddle for hours on end.


things to consider
weight, a heavy paddle will tire your arms quicker than a lighter weight one.

length, avoid getting a paddle that is too long, seek advise from a paddle shop, they can see what kind of boat you have, and your size, then recomend a paddle.

Material, I don’t like alum paddles, the metal transmits cold easily, and I just like the feel.

Feather angle, 45, 60, 90, adjustable, right or left hand control

I use a bending branhes infusion(like the Glide Plus), the blad feather angle is adjustable, as is the length of the paddle, I can change it around to suit my needs and mood.

carlise paddle
I was just curious if you meant what you said about the carlise. If you are willing to part with it for $10, let me know a ballpark price on shipping. I would be very interested! You can reach me the easiest at

Go for the lightest paddle
and most comfortable-feeling paddle in your price range. Spend a little more if you can.

If you buy a “cheapo” paddle that is heavy or uncomfortable to use, chances are you’ll get frustrated with it, and just end up buying a better paddle anyway. However that “cheapo” paddle can always be your spare paddle too.

I have a plastic blade Bending Branches that isn’t too bad, a bit heavy, can’t think of the name right now. I much prefer the Werner fiberglass paddles, which can sometimes be found on sale.

Go to Appomattox River Company
ARC has a deal on some wooden paddles at affordable prices. I just love paddling with wooden paddles. There’s just a flex and feel that you don’t get from other materials. I think they’re about $80.

web site is They’ll ship.

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