need paddle for disabled wrists.

Finally willing to tempt getting back to paddling, but I need a paddle drastically designed to reduce tension to tendons in forearms. Bill Low may be my best bet if he is still making the bow paddle.Any other suggetions welcome. (Already used bent shaft and totally accept importance of form). For now, it’s the paddle. Thanks!

There are some clamp on rotating grips
that might be worth trying. I’m not sure if it would reduce your stress. Rutabaga in Madison, WI could probably tell you the name of the vendor if they don’t have them in stock. I saw them at Canoecopia last March.

Good luck. You might get some ideas from an adaptive paddling instructor.

Possible option.
Not sure exactly what your problem is, but I’ve used this type of weight lifter’s wrist strap with good luck when I was having problems with wrist tendonitis. I found them reasonably easy to use and they significantly reduce the grip tension needed when paddling.

Good luck,


Here it is…
This is the one Pam mentioned:

Narrow blades with bike tape around shaft might help. Go narrow with the blade and listen to pain.