Need Paddle knowledge

I am a new paddler and am buying used stuff. Could anyone help and tell me if an Iso paddle and an Airidium Seven2 paddle are decent and if so what a good used price for them would be. Thanks so much.

Just a comment…
I have never used or even seen either one of the paddles you are asking about, but there are several “Seven2” paddles for sale right now in the P-Net Classified. I have seen them advertiesed on and off for quite a while.

Either they are not very good, and the people who buy them want to get rid of them, or there are just a lot of them being used, or not used.

Draw your own conclusion on what I worte, as I really don’t know anything about them. Take a look in the classified “Accessories for sale” section for the ones that are for sale. Maybe you can contact them and see why they are selling them.

Happy Paddling!

From what I gather…
They are whitewater paddles, never seen or heard of them but we don’t have any whitewater here…

seven2 paddles
Are light, have small shafts, and nice grips on them. They are supposedly nice paddles. BUT… they have one of the worst reputations in terms of paddles breaking and poor customer service. Obviously people have varying experiences but look up seven2 on Boatertalk and it becomes clear which brands are preferred. For price conscious, I would suggest possibly a used Werner or Aquabound whitewater paddle.

Seven2 ISO
I bought a Seven2 Iso as a back-up to my AT Carbon Xception. My fiance now primarly uses the paddles, but I take it out when it is going to get rough use. We have had no problems with the shafts even though they are quite thin. It is probably half the weight of other paddles in its price range. We have used ours very roughly so as not to damage our more expensive carbon paddles. Our only complaint is that the blades seem to be fraying a bit prematurely and have noticed the grips blister those with smaller hands. Seven2 adverstises the ISO for $99. I don’t think I would pay more than $50 for a used one. I think we payed $120 for ours two or three years ago.