Need portable toilet advice

Got a link?

Hey GK … what we did in the Arctic…
National wildlife refuge on a 15 day wilderness river trip.

We had several garden trowels, (for about twelve of us)

Each person had a little zip lock bag which in turn was in a brown paper bag.

We would dig a little cat hole and do our business. The business would be buried, but the toilet paper went in the baggie which in turn went in the brown paper bag, (the brown paper bag was just to keep the toilet paper out of sight).

We each brought the bag along with us and when we finished the trip we disposed of the bags.

This method is a recommended method of the National Park Service of the ANWR.



a lot depends on where you are going
and more importantly the type of soil—youre problem GK is that you have 25 paddlers—that’s a lot of shit if they all have to go. What’s the area like? Is it real wilderness where very few paddlers go? If so then JackL method would work—If it is a heavily used area, that’s probably not a good idea—I would hate to paddle up to my favorite campsite and find 25 catholes full of crap. The crap wrap carryin carry out method is the best one but someone said in someplaces that’s illegal—you might have every body bring a wag bag—you can buy them in outdoor stores for 2–3 bucks—its the same idea as crap wrap but is legal(as far as I know in most places) to simply put in a landfill.–let us know how it goes.

Ain’t nothin’ hardly illegal in Gawga.

I think all the BLM paddle areas
require you to carry a porta-potty. I know the Missouri up in Montana, the Rogue, Green etc does. Also, the Canyonlands NP require it on the Green. I can’t imagine twenty-five people crapping in any one spot and not causing a mess without some system. I use Wagg bags on my trips. I bought a cheap five gallon bucket with a seat attached. One problem though is the plastic bucket retains the odor for quite awhile afterwards. The Waggs would work with that many people over a short time before you have too much crap to haul. Bring garbage bags so you can seal the used Wagg bags to stop odors.

Based on what I had been told by ww
kayakers running western rivers without raft support, I used a waterproof plastic welding rod tube to hold crap, after I had collected it on paper. Other ww kayakers have made crap holders from PVC pipe with screw seals on the ends.

I would be interested to know (Eric?) whether this method is considered legal in CO, as I might be on the Dolores again soon. Carrying a Wag Bag potty in a 15’ ww canoe is possible, but not easy, and the waste is actually held more securely in a welding rod tube.

day hatch

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Richard, you are going all soft on us.

I always wondered what day hatches
were for.

The luxury ain’t for me.
But maybe I’ll make real paddlers out of them before it’s over.

As per Bowler1…
We use the Thetford in our pop up. Very handy for the girls at night. If you are taking 20-25 people though, you should probably buy more than one. On a camping trip with 6 guys, we were emptying it at least every other day. And that was just limiting it to building log cabins. (Yes, were FOS). Good luck with your trip

A bumper dumper

"Reliance Hassock"
Basically a bucket/seat within shell w/ lid.

$20 @ Wallyworld & OK w/ both BLM & NPS on our Green/Colorado trip

Capful of bleach each day prevents gas formation & controls odors. Get 4 for your group size especially if you’ll be out many nights

I’ve been using a cleanwaste portable toilet. Super compact.I use Restop 2 bags. I buy them in cases. They are more durable and hold back the stench way better than the wag-bags. Close a couple curtains, take a dump, toss the bag at the next available trash can - done - anywhere, anytime. Very happy with the system.I don’t see any need for a chemical toilet. It seems like it would be 4x the bulk, 10x the maintenance and way smellier, too

I see some of the old Pnet Personalities have finally crawled out of the woodwork.

Well, someone revived a 9-year-old thread. I’m not sure that qualifies as a return of people that were here back then.

I imagine the Georgia Kayaker must’ve found a suitable camp toilet since 2008(that’d be a helluva long time to hold it!)