Need portable toilet advice

Going to take 20-25 paddlers on an overnight wilderness canoe/kayak trip in July on the Etowah River and will need a portable toilet for the campsite.

I’ve looked at Thetford, Century and Kampa with prices around $120 + shipping and chemicals. The price is fine, but asking for suggestions or experience. The Thetford (battery operated) appears to be the best.



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PVC “Poop” torpedo
Make a bunch of torpedos.

Just a thought …
… a small collapsable camp shovel , biodegradable t.paper , an H.C. potty w/lift out bucket , a 3 or 4 pole curtain for privacy , a red and white emblem (cardboard) to flip over to red when in use , a toilet brush and a 5 gal. bucket (fill with water and some bio cleaner) … each person cleans up behind theirself (burys their deposit) …

PETT wag bags

OK, I have used their WAG bags on Mt Whitney, however, I have no experience with the actual toilet thing the bags are made to fit over. You can just use the bags as is, but they are made to fit their portable toilet thing.

If you want to make one out of PVC, I second the suggestion of making those torpedo things… climbers use them…


Look at this might be what you want.:smiley:

Or you may be hitting the water to do a little more than sitting in a boat to


-Frank in Miami

Sea Kayaker Magazine Latest Issue

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Has review of three systems.

Info in Sea Kayaker magazine
The latest issue of Sea Kayaker (June) has an article on “outdoor waste systems” – including the WAG BAG, Restop and “newspaper and a ziplock bag.” One factor to consider is the comfort level of people on the trip. If there are a lot of people with little experience handling “nature’s call” outdoors – the closer you can get to a “real potty” the better.

E-tool & a tarp…
Paddle easy,


let me tell you what guides do

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you have basically three options---one is crap wrap---each member of the party has a gallon zip lock plastic bag with a couple of newspaper sheets in it---when it comes time to go, the newspaper is spread and the owner craps on it then rolls it up like a joint("man this shit is really good") and either smokes it (just kidding) or puts it back in the plastic bag--zips it after squeesing the air out and puts in in the bow of his boat---at the end of the trip you can throw the whole thing away or you can simply put the newspaper and shit into the nearest septic system---some people just put it in the toilet for a hour or so then flush it.

The second way to deal with this is to get a 3 or four inch PVC pipe and have people put it in after they finish--the pipe has covers at both ends and the guide hauls it out himself--

the final method is a five gallon plastic food container with a garbage bag and lid---shit in the container, put powdered disinfectant on it and close it up for the next person. Can be a problem to paddle out in a kayak though---best left for some one in a pick up to get later.---

My preferred method by far is to use the crap wrap that way everybody bears the responsibility of taking care of their own shit---I've used that method on many guided trips on the Maine Island Trail with no problem---if they want there are commercial "wag bags" which serve the same purpose.

I suppose a final option might be to bury it--but on most Maine Islands the soil is really shallow and that's not an option---I'm sure its deeper where you are going but let me suggest that if 25 people all buried their crap at the same site, you folks would probably not be welcomed back.

Tried to resist posting this

But would anyone have a spare Pamlico 14?

It is portable, has a large opening, and could carry the load, so to speak.



LOL!!! And then Flatpick could recycle

jimyaker!!! awesome
been a while since i read one that good!!!

Noone mentioned ‘smearing’.
Outside magazine had an article on how spreading poop thinly causes it to break down much faster than its’ normal configuration.

The author took a group camping out west and the next morning every rock near camp was smeared. The recommendation was to designate a ‘smearing’ area.


And I just imagine some kid walking by
and wondering what that brown thing in the bow is.

Someone need to stop me…


Are you suggesting
smearing a bunch of Pamlicos.


some good sh*t in there

i can’t wait for the next one…

Well I have a pop up camper without a bathroom so I use a portable toilet in it.

I have tried a couple of different models and the Thetford IS DEFINITELY the best.

I have the electric flush model. Nice feature but not essential.

Best part of the Thetford’s is the emptying system. Very important…emptying sucks and you don’t want it gurgling so much that you get splattered. Trust me.

Best chemical: ODORLOS. Very effective and does not have that cloying sweet perfume smell.

Both of the above products are probably the most supported ones on the camper forums I have visited.