need pro help


Hello i have a waterstick paddle i got from a friend that left the contry now all i know is its a team waterstick and for me to get rid of this i need to figer out some specs maybe some of you whitewater pros can help me out

couple things i know about it

karma bent shaft maybe varigrip im not sure


im pretty sure there whitewater blades

100% carbon shaft

glass blades

Weight of stick: 38 oz


now the only thing i can think of that im missing is the offset of the blades correct me if im wrong how do i foger out witch blade is offset

just so you all know i know nothing about paddles i hope someone that owns one or has owned one can shed some light for me

Very Greatly Appreciated

Thank you

,Mike cott

i’m not a pro but…
I believe waterstick went out of business a few years ago although they did have very nice blades. From the photo, it appears to be a Waterstick Karma bentshaft paddle which was available in 0, 12, 30 and 45 degree offsets. We would need a better picture with both blades visible to help you out.

right on
right on

its prety tuff getting the whole thing in the picture but i managed :slight_smile: