need quick twisted is too tw

At basspro…measuring centerline on disco… at sternward thwart I have .75 inch diff…at yoke. .50… at bow seat even

Kinda unclear on what your concern is. It’s a cheap plastic kayak, not a BMW. I’ve had kayaks that cost over $4,000 and I never bothered to check the “centerline”, let alone with a micrometer.

This is a canoe… I was told here on this forum to be sure its steaight

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I would not take it.

Bass Pro usually has decent customer service. This will not get you a boat for tomorrow.

Told you you could borrow mine...

The other alternative is to play dumb take the boat and use it and take it back Tuesday.

If I were investing my bucks I would want a straight boat. But you have the opportunity to enjoy a weekend.

you didn’t specify
BassPro sells a Disco kayak too.

and i also called it a disco when its really an expedition. well its home now, loaded and ready to go so twisted or not its mine.