Need rack suggestion for pickup


Does anyone transport 2 ocean kayaks on a pickup that has a toolbox in the bed? I have a 2003 Silverado 2500 HD Pickup. I want to get a toolbox and rack but not sure what to go with.

I am not handy so need to buy instead of build :slight_smile:

Thanks for your recommendations!


lowes and home depot
Sell ladder racks that accept a tool box. Kayak cradles are made for them or you can adapt some to work.

I’ve Had a Yakima Outdoorsman…

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....for several years. Mine's been on a couple trucks now and still sound. It has a special clamp that clamps on the rails. Works great on GMC/Chevys. Shouldn't be a problem with toolbox

Nice rig
but it looks like that bow line is tied to the windshield wiper?If so I’d get a longer line/strap to reach the bumper.

Optical illusion
There’s plenty of “Clearance” for wiper use. I install nylon loops under the hoods of all my vehicles. Of course, with a shorter boat than a 15’ canoe, it would be a little close to the windshield.

Hitch mounted truck bed extender
I have a Silverado (6.5’ bed) with a hard tonneau cover mounted to the rails so I can’t use a rack. I have been using a bed extender to carry my 14.5’ kayak, and have had a 16’ kayak on it as well. If your tool box is 1 1/2-2’ deep I don’t think you would have a problem. Does Ocean Kayak make anything longer than 12’? Maybe in tandem?

It’s a very economical set up: the bed extender is $99 at Harbor Freight, the foam blocks are around $20, and a set of bow/stern straps are around $15 at Home Cheepo (I attach them to the stern and the truck bed tie-downs just in case).

Below are links to a few pictures.

14.5’ kayak:

14.5’ & 12’:

A friend’s truck (5.5’ bed) with a 16’ and my 14.5’:

i use a yakima
rack on the cab and a rack in the rear of the bed. Some don’t like this approach because you do get some twist between the cab and the bed. I’ve never found it to be a problem at all. This approach gives you a nice long spread and a secure ride. In the rear I use a Spring Creek truck rack for the bed - see here -

Just Saw a Spring Creek Today
It was at the takeout when we were running shuttle and I went over and looked at it and felt of it and it seems pretty darn solid?