need recommendation for kayak

let me state my skill/purpose and see if you can recommend a particular kayak.

absolute kayak beginners. just know a sit on top from a sit inside.

need 2 kayaks (me and she). they will be stored on deck of a mid sized sailboat. we cruise florida and the bahamas. we have a dinghy (two actually). we would like to use kayaks instead or in addition. either could work out. we will use them for multiple purposes.

exploring shallow areas. going ashore for supplies in shopping bags or containers or dry bags. maybe carrying diesel jugs or gas cans. maybe doing some light fishing. should be able to carry a 200lb person and maybe 50 pounds of ‘stuff’.

they need to be as stable as possible. speed and manuverability is not important. stability both in use and while boarding/unboarding is important.

should be under 11 feet long. shorter is better but not if it compromises other requirements. weight no more than about 70-80 pounds. beamier probably better than narrower. from the little i know, a flat bottom with a keel may be better than others.

oh, NO inflatables. much too easily damaged for our purposes.

that’s all i can think of now. hope to hear from some of you who have more knowledge than we do (which is probably all of you).

Look at Ocean Kayak Frenzy SOT

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Stable enough to climb into from a boat, can easily carry 50 lbs in the rear, very seaworthy, can be used in big surf. 9 ft long, not really heavy.

Here's a video of a beginner surfing one. I own several kayaks but keep this one around, it's pretty useful and forgiving especially for new paddlers.

Ocean Kayak Nalu 11
Really easy to board because it is made for standing up. With a seat you can sit down and paddle. And you can strap something behind you.

I’d get the Nalu 12.5 if you can spare the room, it will paddle easier than a shorter hull and carry more.

The Frenzy would be good

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but you might also consider the Feelfree Nomad. I've used these in the UK for short coastal paddles (< 8 miles) and for surfing (in < 2ft high waves). They are very stable and the nice thing about SOTS is that self rescue is easy. (a useful feature for surfing). Of course at ~10ft long these boats are quite slow, but if you are not planning on long distance paddles or need to cover a distance in the shortest time, then these things are fine (a pleasure even).

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Jump in the water, climb on, game over.
You have to plan on everything getting wet,
or at the very least, be in dry boxes/bags.

Ride 115 by Wilderness Systems

Max Capacity: 500 lbs

I would HIGHLY advise attempting to paddle with
a 5 Gallon Water Container before attempting
to transport diesel fuel for the sailboat.
-Water weighs 8 lbs per gallon - and -it sloshes
You might be very unhappy with ballast that moves.

Dry Bags - well - aren't dry except for splashes.
Submerge one and you'll see bubbles spew forth.
Manufacturers fine print is a true catch 22 for many.
Be very, very, wary what goes into a dry bag
- and try some ""experiments"" first with a
flipped kayak that will submerge an attached dry bag.

A little wind, a little waves, and that "flat-bottom"
barge idea may cause you to reconsider the
supply side of a short- wide- kayak on the ocean.

Demo if you can - bring 5 gallon water containers along

no sit in’s?

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the frenzy may be too small, the nalu 11 too sup oriented. i like the wilderness 115 best so far. but i notice nobody has mentioned sit-in kayaks. any particular reason?

for some reason i really like the feelfree nomad. it seems to have a large deep storage place in the rear. think that 'fin' would really make it more stable?

What’s your experience level?
Before you buy a sit in kayak for paddling from a boat, I suggest you try getting in one in choppy conditions from a boat. It can be done, and I have done it on supported trips where the boat drops you off, but when we do this when surfing we just seal launch from the deck. Probably not something you want to do if you are worrying about getting stuff wet.

I would post on, there are a few folks there with experience on using kayaks from their boats. IF the Frenzy is too small, and I really doubt it for what you want to do, look at the Ocean Kayak Scrambler … we actually see a lot of these tied on to boats here.

…i bought a 13.5’ WS Pamlico tandem w/ rudder …took out the forward seat …large open , sit in cockpit, …boat is rated for over 300# total weight…not the best boat for rough waters but it works, boat is a bit of a barge to paddle in rough water…this may be a workable option for you. IMO …certainly fits the " carry cargo" requirement. I use the boat for solo fishing in bays and other calm waters. since the forward seat is removed …i re-arranged the rudder pedals and rear seat slides freely to help level out the boat.

As everyone else has pretty much said, a SOT would probably be the best choice. If you are looking specifically for a SINK, though, the Old Town Vapor series is extremely stable, and carries a lot of weight.

Have paddled Frenzy in wind and waves
Not only is it stable but it is a lot of fun. With a little practice you can catch waves and have some surfing excitement. It will easily meet your weight requirements. The only downside is that it is noticeably slower than longer SOTs. For your purposes I think the Frenzy is almost perfect.