Need Recommendation for under 50 lb kyac


I’m 80 years old and have always had a canoe. Can’t lift my 18’ canoes and am thinking a getting a kayak. I am looking for one hopefully under 50 pounds (40 would be better) and also under $500. I might be able to find a used one for that but I don’t know what I should be looking for. I’m thinking of an Old Town Vapor or a

Rip 10 by Necky. I need a large opening in front to the seat so that it would be easier for me to crawl out. I’m planning on going to local lakes and streams.

Where do you live?
Don’t have to be specific, just general area of the country.

I may have something you’d be interested in.

Pack canoes
are typically sit in the bottom paddle double blades deckless kayaks

They run from ten to thirty pounds.

I think that is what Sissy has in mind.

Depending on where you are they are easy to hard to find.

Here is an example

Placid builds sturdier boats but you may not need sturdy. They are more expensive

Perception Sound 9.5
Under $400, under 40#.

I live in Mass near the Conn border.

Thank for you response. I love their canoes but I was looking for something about $500.