need recommendations on tandems . . .

that are not so doggone clunky!

I’m an intermediate kayaker with a partner (good canoeist) who doesn’t want anything to do with solo kayaks – but who enjoyed a guided trip in a tandem kayak (with me) on the west side of Mt. Desert island this summer. So I’d like to do some research on possible tandems that we could use to explore the sounds inside North Carolina’s barrier islands – maybe camp out of overnight or for a weekend.

Here’s the rub – I have hated the clunky tandems I’ve been in – so wide that I’m sitting frog-legged in the back trying to steer the thing. (I think we were in a Necky tandem with a name like Amaruk or similar – a kayak that a Maine outfitter’s clients NEVER capsize in!)

The question is, are there sleeker, but not terribly tender, tandems that I can investigate?

Appreciate any ideas anyone can offer.


Current Designs, Valley and Seaward all make tandems that are 26" wide. Many other tandems are 30" or more. You could also look at the NDK Triton at 22" wide it is fast and fun, but you’ll have to pack like a backpacker.

Nootka has a mutichine hull that was easy for me to edge. I’m 5’ 4" and liked paddling it.

tandems, not clunky, thanks
I appreciate the leads, which I’ll check out. 26 inches wide sounds about right. 22 inches might be too much fun! And we don’t pack light.


Good suggestions above.

If you like building things, here are a couple of kit options:

I haven’t paddled the CLC. The Pygmy is wide but it’s no slug, and the weight is a treat compared to some tandems.


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Boreal makes a model called a Beluga tandem ...might be worth a look ...i did a quick scan of major companies and , the tandems all seem to be in the 28"-30" width size. Valley Kayaks make the Aleut II @ 26"W x21'L
Good luck , you'll just have to do your homework a bit ..and see whats on the market currently.

PS: the NDK Triton II is 22.75" wide !

A while ago …
…I was interested in a WS Echo on the Classifieds, which is only about 18’ long and designated for small/medium build paddlers. Have no idea on how tender it is, or on width. There are reviews on this site.

A tandem that seems quite popular on some of the strings I have read here is the Seda Tango. I don’t remember much of what was said about it other than the owners were pleased with it’s performance. I believe there was one on the classifieds recently as well…

WS Echo
A guy I paddled with last weekend bought an Echo off the classifieds here. I’m hoping to try out this kayak next time I’m down at our coast, where he keeps the kayak. Thanks for the suggestions.


thands for links
Angstrom, I’ll definitely read those articles. Very helpful.

I’m not great at building things from kits, though Pygmy makes great ones and I know the weight savings is big.


Sweet tandems!

I just followed the links and looked at those tandems. All of them look like kayaks I’d want to paddle and would consider buying. Thanks! I’ll do some more research and start watching the classifieds to see if any of these ever come up for sale used.


A bulid-your-own option @ 26"
Yost-style SOF:

I’ve never paddled nor seen it, but it’s one that I’d like to tackle at some point.