Need Repair Advice for Hole Near Seam

In this picture, you’ll see the puncture in my AdvancedElements Dragonfly XC inflatable kayak:

It was a smaller hole, but after my quick and dirty repair attempt, it blew out after a while.

I’ve ordered some HH-66 cement and the AE patch kit.

Any advice on getting it done right this time?



patch kit
If you follow the directions carefully in the patch kit the patch will be stronger than the original material. The only problem may be removing whatever it was that you used for the temporary patch, which may interfere with the adhesive bond of the patch kit.

You may want to consider keeping a package of Eternabond with you"

The Eternabond micro-polymer incredibly sticky sealant tape even adheres underwater – it was developed to seal seams on industrial rubber roofing and I’ve used it to seal the roof and structural seams on a motor home. Have been impressed enough with it to add it to my folding kayak repair kit. Sometimes in the field you don’t have the leisure to dry and prep the surface and carefully do a solvent patch that has to cure. The Eternabond is instant and can be put on in any conditions. I would still do the solvent patch if I had the time and situation to do it, but the sticky tape will stay with me for emergency patching.

Thanks, Willow.

Here’s one question: The hole is right next to a seam.

Referring to the picture below, should I place the patch over the whole seam, pasting it down (cross section on right), or just stick to the side with the hole (cross section in middle.

Dicey as that tear is, so close to the seam, I would be inclined to put a smaller patch directly over just the tear and right up to the edge of the white and then once it cures, I would put a much bigger patch over the small one that wraps around the seam onto the black and overlaps at least an inch on all sides. My reasoning is that the directional weakness of the tear being along the stress point of the seam could cause further tearing unless you can stabilize the whole area a little bit.

Drill a small hole at the ends of the crack, to prevent it from propagating further.