Need replacement foam? What should i do

Recently I lost the piece of foam (triangular in shape) from the nose of my kayak where could i get a replacement? Make one?

Sometimes it helps to know where
you will be looking and buying.

If the foam was grey with a fine bubble texture, it was minicell. Places like stock and sell minicell slabs. Usually you can’t get it thicker than 2", or 3" if you’re lucky, so you may have to glue pieces together with contact cement and carve your replacement.

It could be quicker to replace the foam with a small float bag. You don’t say where the foam was, but if it was in the nose of your boat, a float bag may attach to the base of the footpegs. If so, you wouldn’t need a nose attachment. A bag might give you more float for less weight than the foam, and if you need to put some gear in the boat’s nose, you can slide it under the float bag.

Try Craigslist



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You can also look for the two-part
liquid that forms foam when mixed. I’ve seen it on ebay. It comes in both expanding and non-expanding. Stand the boat on end and pour in to the proper level. Some can be poured into a plastic bag if you want it removable. My WW boat uses the foam plug instead of footpegs.

Good Luck


lost foam replacement
If you have a kayak dealer stop in and they may have some to give you as many kayaks have them installed under the front deck for shipping purpose to keep the truck lines from crushing the boats. Some shops save them for using as cushions when storing the boats they have on hand.