Need replacement hatch cover

I have a Current Designs (CD) Vision 140 kayak. The rear hatch cover must be replaced before I can return to the water. CD doesn’t have any replacement covers, and the companies they suggested I contact can’t help me. Any ideas for a replacement cover? The inside hatch dimensions are approximately 12" x 17". Outside dimensions are about 12 3/4" x 17.5". Any help would be appreciated.

Try SEA-LECT Designs yet?

Just sent an email requesting info. Thanks for the suggestion.


Seems close?


Thank you for the links. I have ordered the Kajak Sport Oval Hatch Cover 42x30cm from TopKayaker. I’ll update after I receive the cover and test whether it works. Thanks for the replies.


I received the hatch cover and it fits! Thank you for your responses. My kayak is again water worthy. Paddlers on are the best!