Need replacement seals for my drysuit

I recently acquired an O’Neill Boost drysuit that had sat around for years after light use. Free on CL! The neoprene neck seal is fine, interior and seams look good but the ankle and wrist latex seals have rotted out and require replacement. Unfortunately the opening sizes (the large end of the seal) for these are larger than usual so I am having trouble finding replacements. The ankle seal is 8.25" diameter/ 26" circumference. The wrist seal is 5.5" diameter/ 17" circumference. If I can’t find any I am considering making my own from neoprene following this from the Bay Area Sea Kayakers.

Naturally I’d just as soon by the seals ready to go. Ideas?

BTW I called O’Neill and they were unable to help at all. Not the company they used to be…

Wrist gaskets might be at .

Don’t know about ankle gaskets. O’Neill does not seem to carry drysuits anymore. Maybe check with the company that claims to have the wrist gaskets.

I just got the neck and wrist gaskets of my Palm drysuit replaced at a dive shop. Cost about $170 for new gaskets and labor.


High end kayak shops (those that carry sea kayaks) might be able to do the replacement. Or if you are handy, you could possibly do them yourself. I do replace wrist gaskets myself with good results, but the few necks I have done haven’t seem to be as well done as the pros.

You may want to consider putting latex socks on the feet rather than replacing the ankle gaskets.

I have ordered gaskets from this site with good results:

It is a Uk site, so if you are in the states it will take a few weeks to get to you. They reduce the list price by the VAT, but add shipping, so it ends up being about a wash on the price.
This site sells both diving suits and “surface suits”, which is what they call the suits we use for paddling.

Not sure about the sizing you talk about. Is that the diameter if the dry suit material that the gasket would mate to? My wrist is larger (about 7.5") than the 5.5" you listed, so my wrist would not fit through a hole of that size. It has always seemed that the diameter of the part of the gasket that attaches to the dry suit is a standard and is the same between different gasket makers. They do sell different sizes for the wrist enclosure part.

I just contacted Seaskin by email. Let me clarify sizing, For the wrist, the cuff (at the suit) diameter is 11"/28cm and wrist diameter is 7"/18cm. For the ankle the cuff diameter is 16.5"/42cm and ankle diameter is 9.75"/25cm. I don’t mind waiting as I currently use a wetsuit and Spring is here. I am definitely fine with DIY as it doesn’t appear to be very difficult with a little bit of skill. And yes socks would also be fine.

I’d go for socks if you can find someone who could do it. There’s a lot to be said for dry feet.

Thanks. I just found the socks for peanuts more than the ankle gaskets at Seaskin. I’m thinking to order both cone and bottle style wrist seals along with the socks since it is sooooo cheap from them. $32 to my door! However they can’t ship the glue. They offer HeatOn-SelfSeal (HOSS) as an add-on but I prefer real glue. Any suggestions for latex to latex glue for installation? Choices are Aquaseal or contact cement so far. Since the suit was free I think this is going to work out well.

The glue to use is basic Aquaseal, available all over the place (hardware stores, Target, Amazon, etc. ). Their are videos online that show the basic steps. For wrists, I use an old Nalgene bottle as a form to hold everything in place.

It’s been about 20 years, but I remember also using Aquaseal to change all the gaskets and to replace the factory ankle gaskets with latex booties on my Kokatat Meridian drysuit. I used a filled 2 litter soda bottle to do the ankle gaskets. Without liquid in the bottle, it collapses when you try to stretch the gasket over it.

Make sure you test your work by submerging yourself in the water with the drysuit on before relying on it out in conditions. Even then, I remember feeling pretty paranoid for several outings after my DIY replacement of the gaskets. Ultimately, I switched to wetsuits instead of drysuits. I don’t fit the Kokatat anymore and the gaskets have since rotted out. Not replacing these by DIY or otherwise.

Good luck with your gaskets.


BTW, found this video on replacing ankle gasket with latex booties:


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My preferred source for seals, glue and such is OS Systems. I hadn’t been to their site in a while and when I just checked, I saw that in addition to their “Longlife” latex seals that I’ve used in the past, they’re offering neoprene neck and wrist seals in 1" increments. That’s pretty interesting.

BTW, I assume that by “diameter”, you actually mean “circumference”, as 11" diameter is roughly the size of a dinner plate. Nobody has wrists that big!

Good catch!
I must have been asleep writing out my specs. Yes indeed those numbers should specify circumference. Let me restate correctly:
For the wrist seal, the cuff circumference is 28cm / 11" and wrist circumference is 18cm / 7". For the ankle seal the cuff circumference is 42cm / 16.5" and ankle circumference is 25cm / 9.75". Latex or neoprene would be acceptable. I am also open to the idea of latex socks instead of ankle seals. My bare foot is 28cm / 11" long, wearing size 12.5-13 shoes.
I am trying to contact several UK suppliers but having trouble getting through. But I’m in no rush.

After unsuccessfully trying to get hold of Seaskins all week I found another UK business selling similar products Dry Suit Spare Parts. I emailed them yesterday and got immediate response right after they opened. They advised me about fit and I was able to order online. Easy peasy! I got latex 3D socks and wrist seals for way less than US prices. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Seals and socks arrived today, one week after order. They look like a good fit and quality. $28 delivered. On to the install!

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