Need replacement seats for Heritage Dolphin SOT kayaks

I’ve got two Heritage Dolphin SOT kayaks that I keep for casual/visitor use. Looks like mice got to one of the seats over the winter, so I figure I’d replace both.

One has belt eyelets at four corners, the other has belt eyelets at the front, and simple hooks at the rear.

Would appreciate suggestions on specific seats that might work as replacements. Not looking to break the bank. :slight_smile:



Heritage Dolpin 1|375x500

You might be able to retro fit one of the ocean kayak seats Old Town now sells.
Wow these are pricey! The last seat I bout for my seadart was about $35.

Sun Dolphin has gone through a series of mergers and is now owned by Direct Boats under the Future Beach Kayaks name. You might try checking with them for replacement seats.

Go to Amazon and search on (kayak seat backs) you will find about 40 listed ranging from 15-70 dollars.

I ended up buying a couple of Brooklyn Kayak Company generic seats via Amazon. I’m hoping that the standard mounts will work out … I expect they’ll be fine!