Need rudder information for Sealution XL

-- Last Updated: Aug-17-14 11:57 AM EST --

I was recently able to pick my wife up a Wilderness Systems Sealution XL which she loves, but would like to put a rudder on it. Currently there is no mounting bracket and the kayak is not rudder ready. It does the frog eyes for the tubing, but would need to add the mount and the only one I have been able to find is the stainless steel mount similar to the Sea-Lect brand which is able to attach to a pointed stern. Can anyone let me know if there is a Wilderness Systems specific mount for the Sealution, because I am having an impossible time finding it. If there isn't I will stick with using the general one mentioned.

By now, she’s learned to handle it just
fine without a rudder.

Check your email…
I have a few pics if that helps…