Need Rudder Parts for Wilderness Systems

I have a W.S. Pamlico Excel about 10 years old. A wind storm blew it across the yard and broke part of the rudder bracket. W.S. says they don’t have parts. I’m hoping someone knows how to find them, or has a used rudder bracket that will fit.

The broken part is a plastic piece that’s sandwiched between two aluminum plates. Though most of the broken piece blew away so I can’t see what it looks like, it seems that this is the piece that the rudder pin goes into.

Please help!

Try here
Call Get:Outdoors in Greensboro NC. They may be able to help. 800-450-6819

can you
send me a picture of the piece and/or rudder. I maybe able to find the piece you need.

try they have some older rudder parts too.