Need RV advice

They are baby Airstreams. I’ve admired
them since seeing the first many moons ago.

I asked for similar advice on campers
to pull with a mini-van awhile back, and got some good responses.

I was looking around at small trailers and popups, and luckily found a used popup in very good shape.

I have pulled it across mountains, although I will not use the air conditioner while climbing, and this

can cause some discomfort amongst the passengers. I am thankful to be making the trip, even in hot temps.

Except for that, the 3.3 engine handles pulling a ton ok.

I would suggest to consider the terrain you will be traveling over, and how your expenses will be balanced

amongst fuel and camper costs.

Look around, and I hope you get lucky with a good deal!

I wouldn’t screw around with any
hitch extension when pulling a travel trailer

The receivers are made to specifications and the hitch on the trailer is made the same way.

As you go to a bigger and bigger trailer, you have to start thinking of sway bars, and if you put any type of extension bar between the vehcle and trailer, you are going to be asking for trouble.

Epecially when some eighteen wheeler comes by you at eighty miles per hour.



10-4 on that
Looks like it is made for lauching boats.

My .02 cents
Since your opposed to the pop-up trailers due to lack of water/sewer, how about a Hi-Low? They are like a hybrid/pop-up combo. It’s all hard sides and the top raises up like a pop-up but there is no canvas, there is a few wall panels you flip up to make the bathroom wall. But overall a decent camper. A few plus’s in it and in using a mini-van as a tow vehicle is that you’ll be just under your tow limit, it’s a lower profile so you reduce the wind resistance, plus you have the clearance needed for your yak.

Another posibility is, if you go standard hybrid TT then get a front mounted hitch and use a riser support bar for the yak. This way the yak would sit all the way forward on the roof rack and be supported by hitch/reciever rack up front.


Good deal, thanks
I’ve been wondering what a hybrid is. Haven’t seen a front mounted hitch. I will do a search.

Another Pop Up…

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website is Lots of info there from folks who have them. When we bought our pop up, we pulled it with our Grand Caravan (3.3L). No tranny cooler or towing pkg. It did fine for the first year and then swithed over to our pickup. They now have all the amenities now and noted above. Some have electric motors to put up the roof too. Indoor privy as well. And slide outs to create more space.We've had ours 10 years and still enjoy it. The Hi-Lo trailers are cool too. Never pulled one but the idea is interesting...

swordfish this popup had…

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a toilet & shower,2 queen beds,Ac,privacy dark plastic windows. It was a Starcraft 2801 12' box 1700lbs,and was pulled easily by a Subaru Outback 4cyl.

We graduated to this,and a bigger tow vehicle. But it ate up to much gas,and now have this.

and the tow vehicle don't know it's back there,and I get great mileage. Suits us far better,for long distance trips,and is tons more fun in a campground.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Another vote for popups
We have a 93 popup that suits us very well. Throw the yaks on top and strap 'em down frt/aft/side, we use those huge pool noodles between the yaks and camper. Popups come in all shapes and sizes, some hybrids have hard sides but canvas bunk ends that slide out. For us, the mileage difference between a pup and full trailer was one of the deciding factors. You can count on losing about 3-5 mpg towing a popup in average conditions, it’s more like 8-10 mpg with a travel trailer - it’s not so much the weight (on level ground), it’s the big flat front on the TT that produces all the drag on the highway - like towing a barn door sized kite behind you, the popups lower profile doesn’t do that.

I like another popup/camper forum, also good advice and info. And plenty of discussions on the pros and cons of popups vs trailers vs hybrids.

Those Chalets are really neat!
I also think the tiny micro teardrop trailers they now have are nifty.

But with the Chalet 30 second pop up I think I could add a roof rack to haul the boats on top of it while I was towing.

Experiencing technical difficulties
Sorry, ‘life’ got in the way of finishing my earlier post.

I have to place the Impulse in the center of my rack. That way, it remains the same distance away from the trailer when I’m turning. I have touched a Romany stern to the RV (it being stacked on the outsides of four or five boats) while turning enough so that it left gelcoat on the RV. My 22’ tandem is out of the question unless I were to mount a support bar from my front bumper, which many in town have done.

Its a bit more ‘systematic’ than ordinary loading.

Good luck.