Need RV advice

I am in the market for a light weight, trailer RV (not a pop-up) behind a minivan. Somthing like Forest River Shamrock or Jay Feather Sport.

Any advice? Will the trailer limit the roof mount of a 21’ sea kayak on the minivan?

How much is your mini van rated to tow?

They aren’t normally built as tow vehicles.

Good question
I just checked. Chrysler Town and Country is rated at 2000 lb for its towing capacity. That’s not much. Boy! I guess I need to look at the pop ups.

You may want to post on…

That is a popup/hybrid forum that I am a member of. As far as your van goes… what size engine will determine the size trailer. My Grand Caravan (3.3L) has a tow rating of 3000 lbs - however this is with the required by Dodge(for over 1000lb trailers) weight distribution hitch and a tranny cooler to protect the notorious tranny. Your owners manual spells this all out pretty well. That said - I towed a 2750 lb popup all over the western US with my Grand Caravan with 4 people and the dog with out trouble.

You would be amazed how light some hybrids are but then you would be even more amazed how many people are driving towing way over their vehicles limits.

Good luck!

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I do believe so
I have a Dodge Dakota and tow a 17’ Prowler travel trailer. I have Thule bars placed as far forward as possible on the Dakota cab, so that I may place the boats as far forward as possible.

I have to place my friend’s seda impulse (

It is simple to figure out.
Get the measurement from the rear of your vehicle to the front of the trailer, (not the hitch).

You can get it at the dealers by measuring the front of the trailer to the front of the hitch. then add the length of the receiver.

After you have this, place your kayak assuming that you are just hauling one on it’s travel position on your vehicle and see if the stern is going to clear the trailer.

If it does clear, but is close, you have to take into consideration going up and down steep short drivways, and allow a foot of clearance.

If you are carrying your boat on the side of your vehicle, or carrying two of them, (one on each side) it is a whole different story and you have to take the measurement with your vehicle at a ninty degree angle to the face of trailer on the side closest to the stern of the boat.

I am guessing that you can do it, but you might have to move the boat more forward than you desire to.

I have hauled two 18 footers on the top of the cap of a full sze pickup truck cap to Alaska and back and to Florida for quite a few years.

If it works out that you can do it, use caution backing your trailer into a tight spot. Have someone watch the rear of the boat when you are heading toward a ninty degree angle since you are going to be watching the trailer and the overhang of the boat can very easily hit a tree on the opposite side - From one who knows !!!



Good link,
I just joined the forum. Casita was mentioned a couple of times. Still not sure about the Kayak mount. Do people mount kayaks on the RV?

Got it
Casita is a possibility. But a pop-up can certianly clear the kayak. What to choose? Now I am in trouble.

Do they sell some kind of hitch extension to gain more clearance?

Folding Trailer
I know that you said that you did not want a pop-up; however, you may want to consider a “folding camping trailer” (pop up).

They are much nicer than you might think…mine has hot and cold water, shower, electric, fridge, AC, heat, lights, TV, DVD player, an outside gas grill, etc. Very, very comfortable. You can even get them with toilets now.

I use it for kayaking trips. I have a rack installed on top so I can carry boats/bikes on both the trailer and tow vehicle.

Advantages: cheaper, lighter, lower profile/much easier to tow, can store in the garage, can take just about anywhere.


Once it’s two axles, it’s outside of my towing capacity. Seda Impulse is only one foot longer. Did it give you problems?

Then, there is this one:


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You hit my point. My wife wants indoor plumbing. Never thought pop-ups will fit the bill. Any recommedation? Love to see a pic of your rack setup on the popup.

I owned a Casita for several years. It was a wonderful, light, easy to pull, fun travel trailer. They are very well made and are sold new at their only factory/showroom, which is located in Texas. The company has an excellent reputation and is very good to deal with.

The Casita has an excellent resale value–much better than many other trailers. I had the 17’ with roof air and it had everything I needed. The smallest unit has a portapotty type bathroom, but the 17’ has a regular marine toilet and shower. Not sure about the middle size.

They make them in Corsicana (Rice) Texas, and it is the only showroom/dealer/factory. The only other way to buy them is used. They are hard to find, but hold their value well.

Used Casitas are in such demand, that the buyer mailed me a Cashiers Check by one-day delivery to pay me in full for the trailer, then they drove from Tennessee to pick it up, slept in my driveway, hooked up and drove home the next morning.

I sold it during a time when I needed to simplify my life. I sometimes miss the amenities of The Marshmallow, but I’d rather be camping on the river out of my canoe and away from “organized” or “full-service” campgrounds" so my lifestyle has changed a little since I owned the Casita. I also like the freedom of not pulling a trailer.


Simplicity - I hear you
One has to go through it once in life. My in-laws had their popup until it got stolen. They never replaced it. I will email Casita for measurements. My main challenge is the kayak mount. Never thought the length could hurt you.

Extend a hitch
Found it.

gas mileage is a dirty word…
…to RV’ers.

I suppose it varies by vehicle, but the more weight you tow the worse your mileage; another reason to go pop-up.

I can’t really afford to put my truck camper on any more…my mileage is bad enough without it!

I hear you
By the time I found the perfect RV, world peace will be here and the gas price will be under $1.00/gal. Seriously, Casida is in the same weight range as most popups and that is why it looks interesting.