Need sea kayak suggestions

I want to demo some sea kayaks in the 16-17 foot range, so I’m making a list and need suggestions. Requirements: Good blend of speed and stability, a bit of rocker for playfulness, I don’t like the Greenland style upswept bows, price range dictates plastic, fits paddler 6’ tall and 210 pounds.

So far, the Tempest 170 is on my list, as is the Prijon Kodiak. Considered the Barracuda but it has too little primary stability for my liking.

P&H Capella 166 RM, maybe?

Would consider a used thermoformed kayak but don’t want glass, kevlar, carbon.

Anything else come to mind?

WS Zephyr? (NM)

ditto Capella,everyone’s got a boat for you.

What Size Are You?
Height & weight.

see orig post
6’ tall, 210 lbs.

I liked my Tempest 165 except for it being too small for me, so I might just go with the 170, but the Capella seems close to the same style. Probably should demo one.

If I recall correctly, the Chatham has upswept bow which I think is greenland style (?) and I do not like those much. Don’t like the look or the way it catches wind causing weathercocking.

Will check out the zephyr.


And I was sober when I posted that. If you’re traveling through NC anytime soon my buddy is selling a plastic Tempest 170… if he hasn’t sold it already. Sort of a blue-gray color. You wouldn’t have to worry about scratching it. It’s well used.

How about…
The Eddyline Fathom? Lots of room - great for kayak camping from what I heard. I own one and I enjoy using it.

How does it compare to the Tempest?
I do not recall if you answered me alrady in my thread of the same topic some time ago, but since you are posting here, I though I might ask (again?)…

I know the Eddyline Fathom has more leg and foot room and is lighter and made of different plastic. Other than that, in terms of handling compared to the Tempest is what I’m interested in - playfulness, speed on flat water, handling in wind (being a higher deck front and back)?


If it’s under $500 - shoot me a note
Someone was selling a used '06 Tempest 170 near Charlotte for $500, paddle included. I would have driven there to pick-it up but someone beat me to it last week. Darn!

I am planning to go to Farmville, VA for a demo day on 6/14 and from there, depending on where your friend is, it might be possible for me to stop by.

I’m still thinking about whether to just get a used Tempest and be done with it for a while. Or continue my search and eventually get something else, which unfortunately looks like it may be considerably more expensive -:frowning:

May be I should do it in two steps - get the Tempest now and if in the mood - upgrade later…

If your friend can make me an offer I can’t refuse, I will seriously consider it (as long as the boat is in good functional condition)! E-mail me if you want to discuss further.

Fathom… mmmmmm
Just took my first ride Monday in my spanking new Fathom. But it ain’t cheap.

Still… Fathom…mmmmmmm

I Just Emailed Him

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I'll let you know. Nothing wrong with the boat. He's selling it 'cause he's lost weight and the boat is too much volume for him.

At the beginning of the season I was torn between the Tempest 170 and the Fathom. The Fathom was almost twice the price of the Tempest but it’s well worth it. Luv the way it handles on the water - very sea worthy and it looks great - alot of compliments.

Why did you pick the Fathom, looks aside

went with fathom

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Because I came into the money, so that was not an issue.

I wanted a truely sea worthy yak.

I wanted a skeg boat.

I wanted super light weight and rigid like the Kevlars and Carbons and glass.

I wanted durability similar to plastic boats.

I need the storage for overnighters.

I wanted a FAST boat.

I didn't want to have a hemorage every time I got near the beach or rocks for fear of scarring my precious high dollar composite.

Got it all. Comes with good looks too at no additional charge.

Only out once in light chop, about 1 to 2 feet. This thing cuts straight through like you are riding on a train track. VERY strange sensation compared to all my other craft. Like I am paddling a hovercraft or something. Smooth.

I still got a few other boats on my list I want to try and it’s very hard to make-up my mind. The Tempest is a no-brainer at the rigth price and will allow me to learn a few things better while I think about where I want to go from here…

Same here
I agree with Zenrider on all accounts except for the additional storage since right now I don’t plan on any overnighters but I too came into some extra money which help alot - even spend it on my paddle - a swift carbon model. By the way - this is my first kayak purchase.