Need shuttle, Delaware water gap!

Doing a 3 day canoe trip with my boy and a friend and his boy this coming weekend on the Delaware. Not sure of where we are putting in yet but want to take out Around rt80 or even down near Portland.

Does anyone know of anyone that shuttles for the Delaware water gap area.

We have all our own gear just need shuttle.

Thanks for any help or info.

NPS Office
You might try calling the Delaware Water Gap NPS office: (908) 496-4458. They probably keep a list of local outfits that run shuttles. Otherwise, a Google search will bring up tons of outfitters in that area. My guess is that most would run a shuttle even if you aren’t renting gear/boats from them.

NPS has a list of liveries

I also thought they were running a free shuttle between Milford and the Water Gap but cannot find a link to that.

Pocono Pony
The bus is called the Pocono Pony. Only runs weekends and holidays, if I recall correctly.

Found one!
Thanks for the info.

I found the pocono pony. Yes it runs from Milford beach down to the bottom of the water gap and it’s free but only runs on weekends. Here is a link in case anyone else needs the info.

I called True North Farm. They shuttle for $2.25 a mile, free if you rent there canoe or kayak and gear.