Need Shuttle from Harkers to New Bern NC

-- Last Updated: Apr-20-11 5:54 PM EST --

Doing a paddle in May and need a shuttle for me and the kayak from the Harkers Island Visitor Center to New Bern, NC. Does anyone know of someone who offers a shuttle service in that area? I checked with Core Sound Kayaks but they don't offer a shuttle service. Thanks.

I don’t know of anyone who provides shuttle services in coastal NC that would be outside of their general area. I head from Greenville to Beaufort/Morehead City often to kayak fish. What is the date you’re planning on needing a pick up? It’s possible you may find someone (myself included) who can plan a fishing trip around your schedule and bring you back up.

Check the club calendars and websites
The NCKFA has folks going that way all the time. And CKC has folks paddling there almost every month of the year.

Need the Shuttle on May 10

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Thanks for the reply, Druminator. I'm looking for a shuttle on May 10th. Would like to be in New Bern by 10:00a. If you think you'll be in that area around then, drop me an email and maybe we can get something coordinated? Thanks!

Thanks for the tip
Thanks for the tip about the clubs, FrankNC. I’ll check with them, too, if my schedule doesn’t line up with druminator’s. Thanks!