Need Sit On Top kayak buying advice...

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After many years of kayaking, I've finally sold my kayak because of my age. So, now I'm looking for a Sit On Top kayak and could use some advice on which one to buy.

The SOT will be used primarily on CALM lakes and ponds up at Cape Cod. I'd like it to track well with minimal effort and to be easy to enter and exit from the water should I capsize. I'd prefer it to weigh less than 45 pounds if possible and not be longer than 11 feet.

And, a seat with a firm back support also. There will probably many people in my family who will also be using this kayak. The heights of these individuals would range from four feet and up to six feet.

I know from prior experience that its alway best to "try before you buy", but depending where I buy this SOT, may not allow me to do so.
I therefore would be depending on what SOT info I get from this message site. I'd really appreciate any good info. thanks...

Cobra Revision

Check out the boats from
Hurricane Aqua Sports. If your age is a factor then I assume that the boat weight is also a factor. They have several SOT all made from thermoformed plastic. Very light weight.


Epic - Really Light, But Not Cheap…
The Epic GP is really, really light, but its a lot more than your average plastic SOT

Sit on Tops
Ocean Kayak Caper and Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100, both are good kayaks for the size you wanted.

Ocean Kayak Scambler
An Ocean Kayak Scambler also fits those specs, and its pretty inexpensive.

isn’t the Revision over 13’ ?
just going from memory, didn’t look it up so I could be wrong…

I think the Tarpons
track better than the Ocean Kayaks. OK’s may handle waves better, not sure, tho. Just one opinion.

Check with these folks

Very helpful, good folks. SOT’s are their specialty.