Need some advice/7 day Maine canoe trip

Getting ready to do a 7-day canoe trip in Maine, and wanted some advice. I’ve been on a number of multi-day canoe trips in the Adirondacks, Maine, and other places, but this canoe trip involves about 20 miles of “fast water,” Class I, and Class II rapids, before turning calmer for the last 35 miles. My question/concern was wearing the proper gear. We will be canoeing the first week of October, so there might be a nice chill in the air. There is a fair chance that we might capsize. What is the best pair of gloves/hats/shoes to wear? Don’t want to freeze to death! Neoprene? rashguard, spandex bathing bottoms, what kind of hat? It’s easy when you are canoeing lakes that you are not in much danger of tipping. Any advice would be great. Thanks

Where is your trip?

tons of info right here

For canoeing I usually dress for post-immersion. I’m still fond of wool. Neoprene is good in the water, but cold after you are out of the water, particularly if there is a wind.

re: where is your trip?
We are doing the St. Croix River from Forest City to Kellyland

re: Tons of info right here
Great link! Thanks! Just what I needed.

You’ll need to be prepared
for almost every imaginable type of weather that time of year up there. But it is a great time for a trip in my opinion. Have a great time.

re: You’ll need to be prepared
Yes, we will. I believe in over-preperation, which is why I was seeking help. People don’t realize how easy it is to develop hypothermia, which is something you don’t want to do when you are many miles from civilization.