Need some advice/instruction

Hi all;

My wife purchased an “Eagles Nest Boat Hoist” at a garage sale. No instructions, no manual. It would seem the company is gone and I’m unable to locate a manual or instruction sheet online. Is there anyone that can tell me how to install this thing? Seems similar to the Harken device but different enough that I can’t figure it out.

I’d appreciate any help…

How many posts are you going to make about this?

First one Bobonli. Problem?

Just odd to post same exact question in three different threads. Posting three times isn’t going to get more responses.

put it in your three threads you posted.

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Don’t know how that happened. I only wrote it once.

no matter but three different titles no clue how that happen. Hopefully you find what you need.

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I have a couple of them, purchased years and several moves ago. I will see if I can dig up the instructions.

Thanks. I’d be grateful for any help. Even line drawings indicating how it should be set up would be great!

I found the instructions. There are about 8 pages of them and I will need to scan them and send them to you in an email or emails. I sent you a PM. Please send a reply with an email address that I can use.

Check your messages.