Kayak Hoists

-- Last Updated: May-06-04 10:49 PM EST --

Looking for information on Eagles-Nest hoists and comparison to Harden Hoists.

No luck finding an Eagle's Nest hoist but did find a simple hoist in Campmor for $49 that is rated for 80 lb. It looks easy to install, anyone have experience with this hoist?

hoist comparison
I have 2 eagles nest hoists and one of the harken hoists. I would have gotten another eagles nest but the company seems to be out of business. Let me know if you found a current source for their hoists.

the eagles nest is an over engineered solid hoist. There is a crank hoist which lifts 2 slings. It also includes 2 straps which hold the boat for storage, so you can take the tension off the hoist. I like it a lot. Installation was simple and took about 20min.

The harken hoist is a hoist that uses a locking pulley, so lifting force is provided by pulling on the line, rather than using a crank. Installation was more trying. I got a couple of straps and buckles at EMS to have straps like the eagles nest.

Eagles nest is my clear first choice. Sadly, I cant find them anymore.

I have 2 Eagle’s Nest hoists and
love them. Very easy to install and operate. Like the previous poster, I haven’t been able to find them again either.

If you can find some of their hoists, go for it.