Need some advice

Hello I am looking to buy a used canoe mostly for rivers and lakes. Day paddling also want to camp out of it. What should I look for? I think I want around a 1000lbs capacity. I have seen a bunch of ole town canoes for sale but don’t want to commit till I have some more info.

give us examples
of what you see, and the recommendations will follow. Personally, for rivers and lakes, anything that floats is fine by me, though 1000 pound capacity means 2 paddlers at 200 apiece or so and maybe 100-150 pounds of gear before it just ain’t no fun no more imo.

Most canoe outfitters rent Old Town…

Rent one and try it out and then you’ll know if you like it or not.

Jack L

Solo or tandem
I rarely see solo canoes for sale used in my neck of the woods. If you want to paddle a tandem solo this is usually done by paddling the boat from the front seat with the canoe turned around backwards so you are more in the center of the canoe that you would be sitting in the rear seat going the normal way.

You can’t do that if the seats are molded or have a built in back like the newer discos do.

I am thinking that it would be tandem mist of the time. But I think I would rather have flat seats so I can go solo in a larger canoe if need be. So a disco is that the old town discovery? 16 ft or better?

1000 lbs = LG-volume tandem
If you can find one, an OT Tripper…would be ideal.