Need Some Advise

Hey there. So, I have not been in a canoe for several years, but decided to get back into it. I just purchased a used 16ft (older) fiberglass Lincoln. I needed some help with two things. 1. Can you more experienced paddlers share some info on my canoe type (see pics), and also I would like to sand it down and refinish it. There is alot of info out there. There are mostly spider cracks, nothing too serious, some marine bondo on a front rock crack that is solid. I am thinking about sanding and then applying a coat of epoxy resin (just some elmers), and then some good marine paint - any tips? I will try to add pics.

I wouldn’t use “Elmers”. And I’m not
sure why you would epoxy the boat if you’re going to paint it.

I’ve rolled West epoxy on a couple of kayaks, and it was one hot, tedious day, followed by careful sanding. But I didn’t paint.

Elmers does not have credentials in this area. West, Raka, System 3, etc., are the brands proven for glassing and finishing canoes and kayaks.

thanks for the response
I read online that the epoxy would just strengthen the boat. It is not damaged in any way other than the very small spider cracks, and the previous front end split (which is held together strong with marine bondo) My goal is to freshen/brighten it up. Do you think the resin is just unnecessary without any fiberglass repair? I tend to ‘overkill’, and I dont need to add any weight either.


There Are Two-Part Epoxy Paints
Expensive, but well worth the money. I did my own kayak with a good marine enamel, later did my wife’s with the 2-part epoxy - BIG difference. Mine’s had a patch job every second season; hers is fine after four years. Imron is one brand…