Need some camera help

My wife is looking for a waterproof/underwater digital camera, but it appears that all of them use lithium batteries.

She is looking for a small one that uses double A batteries, with the best optical zoom available.

suggestions ?

Jack L

Stick with the Lithium
The camera will chew up double A batteries. Get a spare battery and you’ll be fine.

Good luck with that one
I wanted one like my ailing Optio 43WR, that can use standard AA, rechargeable AA, and lithium AA batteries. That’s their order of lifespan, from very short to good.

Unfortunately, as you are finding, new cameras use proprietary batteries. I’ve already discovered this is a big PITA, since before if I hadn’t recharged a rechargeable AA, I could put lithium AA’s in it and take photos immediately. For my Optio WP90 I have a spare battery, but they just don’t hold a charge (unused) for a long time like the lithium battery in my VHF radio does.

One thing to remember

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The waterproof cameras from Canon, Olympus, ect. have to be sent in every year to have the seals replaced. I learned this the hard way. For close to the same amount of money I could have bought a Sea & Sea or Sealife camera that a lot of divers use, take care of the seals myself & not have to pay $40.00 every year to have the seals replaced. I have a Sea & Sea film camera that I have had since 1999 it is still water tight & I have never had to replace the seals... just lube with silicone & keep them clean. Hope you find something. I certainly enjoy all the photos from your travels. KK
PS Most are also buoyant and have a variety of options and zoom capabilities.

Thanks everyone
Too bad they don’t have a try before you buy, or “demo days” on cameras.

Jack L

That’s a good suggestio
How are the photos from those lenses?

Film cameras eat much less battery power.

We always got
very good photos with the Sea & Sea MX10. It’s very out dated because it is film … but definetly water tight. I’ve been looking online at the underwater digitals. Still want to have a hands on before I buy.