Need some Garmin GPS Map76Cx..


Found out yesterday that on the mileage, the readout which normally goes to the 100ths (for instance 5.25 miles) changes when it reaches 10 miles and then only goes to tenths.

I would like to change it to always go to 100ths, but can’t figure out how. We are away from home and don’t have the instruction manual with us.

Does anyone know how to reprogram it to read out in 100ths no matter what the distance is?

Jack L


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Hello jack ..since you have internet access, I would post that inquiry to Garmin Help site. It'll probably be a couple of days b4 you get a email reply though. The manuals just barely cover the unit's basic functions let alone anything specific like that. This seems to be very common with GPS companies and especially so with Garmin. I own Garmin's too..and have been very disappointed in Garmin's manuals and lack of info in them. good luck
PS: I went to the Garmin FAQ help there!! No surprise! also goggled the pdf. online manual for the 76Cx...again no help there.

May have to go to yards
Go to “Setup”, then “Units” then “Distance/Speed”

I think you may have to change to yards to get the most accurate readout possible.

Went there, and
they wanted 30 bucks for the answer.

Jack L

Tried that a half dozen times
but couldn’t get it to tenths.

Jack L

I think I set mine to yards

… for the very reason you’re saying. The tenths setting doesn’t show shorter distances as well.